Augmented Content Enabler

Reminiz offers a range of plug and play services and APIs helping you shape a new, clever and unique powerful television experience. Fully compatible with major partners, Reminiz adapts to your technical constraints and enables a unified, upscaled and newly-monetizing viewer experience coherent with your ecosystem.
In program interaction
Plug Reminiz technologies into your own user interface to enhance and personalize your viewers’ experience.  Reminiz delivers valuable real-time interaction related to people or brand logos on screen, and also acts as a cord cutter to other available related content. Improved interaction with end-users, providing text, videos, music, merchandising and widgets as a new layer to content and celebrities.
Moment marketing
Transform high value content into high value business! Plug Reminiz data to your existing advertising tools and generate audience segments to target specific viewers on specific content with powerful contextual ads. Reminiz helps you dig deep to enable increased personalization and contextualization.
Tailored monitoring
Reminiz provides valuable information related to content, brands and celebrities on-demand. It allows you to match your viewers' data with frame level content data. For the first time in TV history, you will be able to really ace user behavior in order to leverage your experience.
Customized Solutions
Reminiz technologies and solutions can be used in many powerful ways, only some of which are discussed here. 
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