Video rules over the digital world

As the internet traffic relies ever more on video, mastering video understanding becomes a necessity, for advertisers, publishers and even content creators. Reminiz provides the most powerful solution of the market to automate video understanding.
Ad campaigns
We automatically place your campaigns on video that matters. Ensuring your ads will always appear on the ideal content with the ideal context. Reminiz knows where users have their mind and interest based on what they are about to watch. We capitalize on momentum to offer higher impact to your brand and reduced intrusion for the user.
Content targeting
We make sure the thousands of videos you are about to bid-on actually match the specific attributes you are looking for. Without Reminiz, researches show that 90% of your campaign will land on wrong videos. Why? Because anywhere on the internet, existing video tags are wrong or incomplete. Stop wasting money and verify inventories in snap thanks to Reminiz.
Surgical metadata
Whatever information you aim at collecting in a video inventory, whatever its size, we are the ones for the task. Whether you wish to identify all appearing logos in a video set, detect patterns from one inventory to another or to create merchandising stills and faceshots from exclusive content, Reminiz has the capacity to extract all kinds of video metadata at scale.
Customized Solutions
Reminiz technologies and solutions can be used in many powerful ways, only some of which are discussed here. 
Contact us
If you are from the media and entertainment industry and are interested in exploring the use of our technologies in other ways, please do not hesitate to contact us.