The scope
A leader on metadata creation market requested Reminiz expertise to automate merchandising stills creation on selected movies and television shows in order to provide banners and thumbnails to clients. The target was to :
▸ Automate scene stills creation
▸ Select the best ones depending on set criteria such as designated actors, number of figures, quality of the frame
▸ Generate additional stills and celebrities face shots
Our Approach
As part of its automation process, Reminiz intelligent network processes and annotates many variables on each frame of video to understand who and what is contained in each frame. It allows then to:
▸ Vary selection criteria depending on the request (I.E : extract 5 stills with the main cast characters)
▸ Benefit from the network knowledge to assess what a good or bad scene still is
▸ Provide unlimited and refined selection of high quality images
The Result
▸ 500 content managed
▸ More than 5000 merchandising stills and 5000 face shots provided within a week
▸ An automated process that require little to no manual interference apart from verification