On demand catalog performance improvement
The scope
As one of the main actors delivering services for video on demand in France, Orange requested Reminiz expertise to enhance performance on its entire catalog by :
▸ Creating a content ecosystem to link programs with each other
▸ Increasing conversion rate on the catalog
▸ Boosting viewer loyalty
Our Approach
Our approach has been focused on setting up Reminiz unique neural recognition network at Orange service. Thanks to our real-time facial recognition intelligence, we have been able to :
▸ Index Orange entire On-Demand catalog
▸ Display real-time facial recognition service on all programs
▸ Accompany Orange in setting up the service for all clients, on all screens
The Result
▸ Around 4.000 movies indexed
▸ 10 Million set-top boxes equipped with Reminiz real-time facial recognition service
▸ 3 Million Orange clients using the service on a second screen