The scope
A media agency requested Reminiz expertise to launch a YouTube advertising campaign for a major player of the automotive sector. The target was to:
▸ Increase endorsement between the brand and one of his key partners, a French football club
▸ Improve the advertising’s Click Through Rate
▸ Ensure a clean video inventory, where the partner’s logo always appears
▸New and untagged videos to the inventory before and during the campaign
Our Approach
As part of our expertise on this branding campaign, Reminiz intelligent network processed thousands of YouTube videos to isolate all videos featuring the partners logo. In addition to appearing on 5000 selected premium ad spaces, the campaign was enriched with more than 1000 new additional videos matching these requirements, during this three-weeks campaign. Our method enabled:
▸ Preempting all major YouTube videos featuring the partner’s logo
▸ A never-seen reactivity on newly added videos
▸ A consistent message on a consistent inventory
The Result
▸ A 54% increase on previous campaigns' Click Through Rate and a 7X increase on previous campaigns' view to click ratio
▸ A video inventory 100% compliant with the client's requirements and a 100% appearance rate for the partners logo : around 50K wrong videos excluded from the inventory
▸ A decreased budget for improved performances